The Lip Gizmo

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The Lip Gizmo is an electronic non-invasive lip plumper tool that provides instant, consistent results to maximize your pout. Our carefully-designed pulsating vacuum technology works as a natural lip enhancer, so you can skip the toxic, painful, expensive injections.

Tutorial: How To Use The Lip Gizmo


Results typically last anywhere from 2-6 hours. As with any product used on the body, individual results will vary.

As your lips become more accustomed to the device, results tend to last longer.

Silicone ergonomic touching head carefully designed to fit perfectly around lips.

30-second timed treatments at a carefully regulated pressure for safe, consistent results.

Easy to use, compact and portable. Includes USB charging cable, no batteries required.


3 Suction Settings

Press the universal button:

1x for gentle suction
2x for medium suction
3x for high suction

Power Off: press and hold for 2 seconds

First time users should always start on the lowest setting and slowly build up tolerance to the device. This prevents the possibility of bruising.


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