The Kissable Kit

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Maximize your pout with this ultimate plump kit. Designed to work together, the Lip Gizmo, Tingle Plumping Gloss and Lip Scrubber Brushes help maintain that juicy pout, all day long. 

Start with the Lip Scrubber to exfoliate the dead skin of your lips, leaving them soft and supple. Next, use The Lip Gizmo, our non-invasive lip plumping device that provides instant, consistent results to maximize your pout. Our carefully-designed pulsating vacuum technology works as a natural lip enhancer, so you can skip the toxic, painful, expensive injections. Finish off your look with our Tingle Gloss, enhancing the effects with a tingling sensation that adds extra plump, hydration, and shine to your already plump lips.

The Instant Plump Kit is the perfect solution to help you maintain your juicy pout and keep your lips looking their best.



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